You were just a pet dog to entertain me – Don Zella hits back at Big Eye

When singer Big Eye hailed Rema Namakula for being a strong woman after being dumped at home for 2 solid years and kept tight-lipped, he threw some jabs at his ex-lover Nalongo Don Zella.

As he heaped praise on Rema, the Big Music Ent. CEO put up a reference of his ex-baby mama Don Zella saying in just a month’s period after he had left her home alone, the entire media was already aware of their relationship breakup.

Big Eye went on to reveal that since that time, Don Zella has been throwing lots of nasty insults towards him noting that until today she has never ceased from bad-mouthing him.

When Don Zella came across the post, she was also quick to clap back as she disclosed how Big Eye was just a pet dog to entertain her and the kids from boredom.

Below is her screenshot of a post that she later deleted.

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