Oh Dear! Was ‘Field Marshal’ Zahara Totto gifted a rented car?

It wouldn’t be the first time we’re hearing of a renown city celebrity renting a car just for the show and to stay relevant in the tabloids but how long can such a lie be sustained?

Just a day after Zahara Totto flaunted a brand new BMW convertible car branded with her names on the license plates, different sources have come up with theories revealing how it’s just a case of flossing.

The NBS TV UnCut show presenter received the gift from her supposedly rich boyfriend only identified as Big Papa but new unconfirmed reports suggest that it is just a rented car which will be nowhere to be seen after one month.

A source revealed that the car was rented and a sticker with Zahara’s names was put on the license plates, all for the showbiz. To defend the rumor, it is alleged that the license plates do not exist in URA’s records.

Another source, a regular at a couple of the popular night hangouts around the city reveals that Big Papa is not as rich as it’s claimed and even has outstanding debts in bars because he usually takes drinks on credit.

It has been claimed before, however, that Big Papa never goes to a bar without over ten millions in his bag and he has even paid for drinks in advance at a popular bar in Bunga before.

With the surfacing of such allegations, we’re left to wonder whether Zahara Totto’s boyfriend is genuinely rich or just another case of the poor tycoons who disappear as soon as they surface.

We shall have to wait for the period of a month when the said rent period elapses just to see if Zahara will still be in ownership of the ride. But such rental services can be renewed and hence the only way to confirm can be made by visiting the URA records.

For now, we should celebrate her achievement. Congratulations Zahara!

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