Believe me or not, we are most likely to go into next week of this month or even end it with the Eddy Kenzo – Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata saga as the most trending topic.

While appearing on Spark TV’s Koona show, Sheikh Muzaata was again reminded of how the Minister of State for Ethics and Integrity had summoned him in his office to find ways of solving his misunderstandings with Kenzo.

Muzaata’s reply left many of the viewers in awe when he questioned the show’s host Miles Rwamiti of how Father Simon Lokodo was going handle him if he failed to stop Nyege Nyege.

He went on to reveal how he is always praying hard that when President Museveni makes a reshuffle, he takes him back to Church.

If Minister Lokodo failed to stop Nyege Nyege, how will he handle me?I pray that when the President makes a reshuffle, he takes him back to church

Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata

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