Kenzo finds his video-proof of paying Mahare and Kuwoowa ceremony

Ever since the Rema Namakula and Dr Hamza Sebunya’s Kukyala ceremony took place, there has been much controversy surrounding Eddy Kenzo and Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte.

One of the hot topics in that saga has been the debate on whether Kenzo performed the Muslim tradition Kuwoowa ceremony with Rema or not.

The debate started when Kenzo, in his first live chat on his socials where he wept, revealed that he performed the Kuwoowa ceremony but shockingly, his longtime friend and Big Talent Ent. Sheikh Muto Nsubuga came out on a National TV and quashed his claims.

Sheikh Nsubaga’s statement shocked Kenzo and left him wondering what could have gone wrong with Sheikh Nsubuga a person he has spent with over several years guiding them on their relationship.

He, however, returned in his second live chat and insisted on the fact that he had performed the Kuwoowa ceremony and also paid the Mahare to one of his in-laws he declined to mention at a function where Sheikh Muzaata was also present.

Luckily enough, the Sitya Loss hitmaker has again bounced back saying he finally got a video proof of the Kuwoowa ceremony that one of his friends recorded.

Naye nga bw’omanyi nti mukama mulungi nyo n’emubuzibu abera mulungi!! Munange tufunye video eya kwatibwa mukuwowa one friend of mine recorded that kuwowa moment on his phone Alhamdlillah. Kati sheikh Muto eyarayidde on National TV musasidde nyo.

Eddy Kenzo

Bantu bange muganye okukiriza nti ndi mubuzibu and I don't know why this is not about my ex banange nooooooooo its eddy…

Posted by Eddy Kenzo on Friday, October 18, 2019

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  • Kenzo should accept the defeat of he really loved Rema he wouldn’t have left her for two years now the chick has decided to move on he is busy distracting with his funny kuwowa video . Kenzo chill

  • Surely God is GREAT
    He is always there……. when even your friends denounce your friendship