Swangz Avenue songstress Winnie ‘Nwagi’ Nakanwagi is infuriated by how harsh the media has often exaggerated events in her life and she has developed a hard skin overtime.

The ‘Fire Dancer’ singer, while speaking to Spark TV, revealed that it is media that always blows things out of proportion especially in the past event of the scenario where she beat up her maid.

She admitted that it was indeed a wrong thing to do but she snapped and lost herself just like any other person would and she didn’t think the maid would take things so far.

She noted that she didn’t feel the urge to come clean and speak about the incident. Responding to people’s reactions was also needless according to her because people were already judging anyway.

Nwagi further noted that the issue was about her and the maid and the media blew it out of proportion which has become the norm as things concerning her life are always exaggerated to make them more exciting for the readers.

I’m not the type of person to always talk about my personal life on air. When it’s me Winnie Nwagi, things change. When someone is talking about me, they exaggerate things to make them more exciting.

You guys already judged me especially the journalists. You say so many things that aren’t true. They call you so many things; bottle, prostitute, etc. I’m no longer afraid to be labeled things for example someone calling me a prostitute. If I’m a prostitute so what? What are you going to do about it if it’s how earn my living?

Winnie Nwagi

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