A female fan, dressed like a man, made her way to the stage as Cindy Sanyu was performing recently and she started caressing the songstress’ thighs and legs.

In October 2018, Cindy revealed that she is very well aware of her full package which her fans have fallen in love with overtime. She said that some men make their way to her concerts just to take a peek at her thighs.

Well, it seems like it’s not just about the men anymore but she has earned admiration from the women too. Her thick and curvaceous body is becoming a center of both attraction and irritation.

A fan made a ‘Boom Party’ on Cindy’s thighs and the songstress was visibly irritated by the fan’s actions. She was seen trying to push her hands away as the fan insisted on her dubious act.

Cindy revealed that she was about to slap the fan for insisting on caressing her thighs: “This girl in red though. I was so close to slapping her into the next building,” Cindy captioned the video on her Instagram account.

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