Just after justice seemed to have been served, the late Mowzey Radio’s brother Frank Ssekibogo has come out to reveal how renown city producer Washington Ebangit stole his late brother’s golden ring, music, and money.

Mowzey Radio, real name Moses Ssekibogo Nakintije, succumbed (on February 1st 2018) to head injuries sustained after a bar brawl at a bar in Entebbe.

Two of the key suspects in the court case included Godfrey ‘Troy’ Wamala; who was convicted on Monday 28th October for the manslaughter, and David Washington Ebangit who is said to have been in company of Radio at the time of the bar brawl.

Frank Ssekibogo, while appearing on Spark TV, revealed that he is still hurt by the fact that he wasn’t there to help his brother at the scene when he was beaten. He further accused Washington of stealing the fallen singer’s golden ring, money, and music just because he was being evicted from his house.

There are mafias in the Ugandan music industry. They steal songs, verse by verse. What Washington first did was to steal the money which Mowzey had gone to pay at his site.

How can you say that he was beaten without even Shs1,000 in his pockets? He couldn’t even the hospital bills at St. Elizabeth clinic despite stealing all Mowzey’s money. You caught in his pockets and even took his precious golden ring.

Frank Ssekibogo
Frank Ssekibogo

He further cautioned Washington desist from stealing more of Radio’s music. He also accused the producer of pushing a new artiste who sings like Radio to make sure the music is sang like the deceased’s.

Washington, stop stealing Mowzey’s songs. You got a new artiste who sings like Mowzey. How can you steal money from a person whom you’ve worked with for over ten years just because you’re being evicted from your house?

Frank Ssekibogo

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