In a video that has been trending on social media, Mowzey Radio’s brother, Frank Ssekibogo reveals how his late brother’s property, music, and money was stolen by those close to him the very moment he fell unconscious after the bar brawl that eventually claimed his life.

Among the names Frank puts forward are Radio’s former manager and producer Chagga Geoffrey and Washington Ebangit respectively. Frank claims that these two stole so much from the fallen singer.

Frank Ssekibogo

Chagga, who was very close to Radio for many years since they left Leone Island at the start of their Goodlyfe careers, distanced himself from the theft allegations as he revealed that Frank must have lost his mind.

Chagga also urged Frank to stop spreading word that the new rising artistes that sing like Radio are projects by himself and Washington to erase the deceased’s legacy.

Me and Washington don’t work together anymore. Frank has to understand that Mowzey was an icon who inspired several people. You can’t stop them all just because they sing like your brother.

I have no idea of any song of Radio’s that has been stolen. These rumors started spreading with King Saha being accused. The same person (Frank) attacked Balaam and now he is attacking me but why would I steal Mowzey’s songs?

I was a manager not a producer. Mowzey’s music is kept in studios, that wasn’t my role. Mowzey had many producers, the likes of Eli Arkhis, Swangz Avenue, why has none of them accused me of stealing Mowzey’s music? Neither has Weasel.

Chagga Geoffrey

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