It all started in the ‘FLAMES’ WhatsApp group as two former friends went at each other’s throats in banter and before we know it, it’s a big deal as each accuses the other of selling their body to men for a few dollars.

Yesterday, we revealed the story about a one Tinah Teise – a media personality and presenter of the Login show on NTV Uganda – who is dragging Arena Kasyata to court over ‘offensive communication’ and ‘criminal defamation’.

Arena Kasyata is an underground socialite, popular in a few socialites circles around the city. She is alleged to have revealed how Tinah Teise sleeps with random men for monetary gains and was once paid $50 to romp with a Kenyan man.

Kasyata is also being sued for alleging that a drunk Tinah was sexually used by Mr. Moses Magogo Hassim’s driver after a night out with the FUFA president.


Tinah, through Mulindwa Associates and Co. Advocates intends to sue Kasyata and is demanding money to the tune of Ssh 220M for the damages caused and legal costs.

Through her Facebook, Tinah emphasized that she is not gonna let Kasyata walk over her, spreading false rumors which are going to ruin her image which she has built for the past ten years.

The TV presenter is now ready to fight tooth and nail just to protect her image and brand because it is what feeds her. She stands her ground saying whatever Kasyata said was false and the truth must come to light.

All said and done the winning word is “TRUTH”. I eat off my BRAND so I protect it fiercely. For a hustle that started in 2009 straight out of high school, 2019 makes 10 years of hard and smart work.

You will not ridicule a genuine hustle and I eat mandanzi with you. You are NOT my friend if you are messing with a brand that pays my bills. The gloves are off and ONLY the TRUTH shall set one of us free. Let’s get to work honey. I’m ready!

Tinah Teise

This seems to be a deeper battle involving several high profile names so be sure to catch up with all developments right here.

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