Gagamel singer Gaga Bounty weeps after failing to pay Shs20k for checkup

Little known Gagamel singer who is identified as Robert Bounty Magezi a.k.a Gaga Bounty shed tears while at a health center after he failed to pay Shs 20k for a checkup.

The singer had checked into a nearby health center following a disagreement he had encountered with a female friend who beat him, leaving him with severe wounds after pulling him on a tarmac road.

Bebe Cool and Gaga Bounty

After being helped, Gaga Bounty rushed to the police and filed a case against his oppressor but things became worse when he was told to get a health report.

Having failed to access free health checkup services, Gaga Bounty started ranting and cursed of how the poor should die or run out of the country.

Omuyimbi wa "Gagamel" ekibiina ekikulirwa Bebe Cool, Rrobert Bounty Magezi atulise nakaaba lwakubulwa 20,000 za ddwaliro. Bounty yafunyemu obutakkaanya ne mumunne namukuba nnyo, namukulula nanuubuka ebbina bwatyo kwekugenda ku Police amuloope. Bweyatuuse ku Police nebamugamba agende afune ebbaluwa y'omusawo kyokka bweyatuuseyo nebagaana okumusayiningira ngatalina ssente nakaaba.

Posted by Mat Tee on Thursday, November 7, 2019

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