Weasel nursing injured fingers after a nasty fight over a woman (video)

Just a period of a month since we reported how singer Weasel Manzio allegedly beat up a house party DJ, the singer has again found himself in fresh trouble.

Basing on a video that we spotted shows Weasel wrapping his fingers with a green cloth as he exchanges words with a friend known as Rodgers for disrespecting his girlfriend.

The two are clearly heard vowing to end each other’s life because of a woman whose identity is yet to be known.

More reports coming in indicate that of late Weasel has been involving himself in such petty fights often and his close friends are starting to get worried about his lifestyle.

Watch the video below.

We have exclusively landed on a video from a nasty scene involving music star Weasel Manizo after he got into a fight…

Posted by José da blogga on Saturday, November 9, 2019

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