Queen Sylvia Nagginda attends Rema’s Introduction ceremony

It is no rumor anymore that the reigning queen of Buganda, Sylvia Nagginda will be attending singer Rema Namakula’s introduction ceremony today in Nabbingo, Masaka.

The development comes after the Nnabagereka of Buganda is in a convoy on her way to the function where thousands of dignitaries were invited.

Surprisingly, the queen mother of Buganda is coming from Dr. Hamzah Sebunya’s side and are expected to be arriving at the function anytime from now.

The dignitaries who have so far arrived include the former Katikiro of Buganda, Charles J.B Walusimbi and the Buganda cabinet ministers.

Omwavu wakufa! Eyali mukyala wa 'semyekozo', Rema ayanjula Hamza leero e Nabbingo.#SanyukaUpdates

Posted by Sanyuka TV on Thursday, November 14, 2019

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