Trouble! Rema’s family trash 5-year ultimatum given to quit music

Singer Rema Namakula’s family has strongly trashed the 5-year ultimatum given to their daughter to quit music having tied the knot with her new lover Dr. Hamza Sebunya.

While speaking in an interview, Rema’s de’ facto mother Halima Namakula and other relatives who were attending the function did not come to terms with their in-laws when city businessman Godfrey Kirumira re-emphasized that Rema’s music career was to last only five years more.

We have heard them giving Rema only more five-years to stay relavant in the music business but we strongly disgaree with that. Our daughter must continue with her singing career because it’s her life.

Rema’s relatives

Halima Namakula furthermore explained that if they stop Rema from carrying on with her inborn talent then she will be a sad housewife at home.

In the same spirit, they also requested that if Rema is barred from singing then Hamza should also cease from being a doctor.

Rema Namakula's mother, Halima Namakula says she is not happy with Hamza's family for stopping her daughter from singing. She says that she will also not be happy in marriage if at all they end her.

Posted by SEAN GUNN 256 on Friday, November 15, 2019

Since critics had already predicted such trouble in the pair’s relationship, we keep our fingers crossed as we wait to see where all this ends.

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