Gagamel International trumpet player and band manager Josh Kabuye has thrown in the towel and decided to embark on his personal businesses.

The reasons as to why he decided to ditch Bebe Cool’s Gagamel camp are yet to be known as he has not yet come out to address the public on what happened between the two parties.

Josh Kabuye and Bebe Cool have been close friends for over eight-years, working hand-in-hand with each other.

It is also believed that Josh had quit the band sometime back and Bebe became fully aware of how his bands’ manager had long given up on his assigned duties.

The ‘Wire Wire’ singer then took to his socials to update the public on how his band manager had waved goodbye:

ATTENTION: Gagamel company would like to thank Josh Kabuye for the good work and contribution towards Gagamel as a whole.
The former band manager has left the company and we wish him the very best in his next life.
Management will be updating the public about the new handler in that position and also the full management structure will be updated for public acknowledgment and contact purpose.

Bebe Cool

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