At every successful event or party, there are at least a few things that are always go totally the other way.

When everyone’s thoughts were still focused on celebrities who dressed up poorly at Rema and Dr. Ssebunya’s introduction, a yet to be identified lady claiming to be a very close friend to Rema is complaining of how she lost her Shs3.5m mobile phone.

According to her claims, she was one of the WhatsApp group admin that Rema belonged to and was supposed to give a live feed to her group-mates who didn’t make it to the function.

Unfortunately, things didn’t move according to plan when Rema personally jumped and stretched out to grab the phone from a person she had given it to record live updates.

Through a voice note, she went ahead to allege that even cameramen and journalists witnessed Rema grabbing her phone before she gave it to a friend of her’s known as Raymond who lost it.

I got my phone and handed it to a friend of mine to record a live feed as I had promised to give live updates. But as Namakula was about to leave her changing room, she saw the guy recording the feed, she then quickly jumped and stretched out and grabbed the phone then gave it to a guy known as Raymond. But if she had handed it over to Big Dog, he would have given me back my phone but through that process, my phone got lost. Right now we are from police to report the case but haven’t yet recorded any statement as Police said Rema has to be around. Now that I have Dr. Ssebunya’s number, should I call him or not? I can’t afford to lose my phone that cost me Shs3.5m and had spent with it less than even a year.

Listen to the voice note in the video below:

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