Gone are the days when it was wrong for ladies to shoot their shots towards the men they found attractive.

Now, that times have totally changed. It’s no longer a shocker finding ladies sweet-talking men and that is exactly what socialite Nalongo Don Zella did to Chris Evans Kaweesi.

Don Zella through her Facebook page, dropped a hint of how she wanted to get married to Chris Evans before requesting for whoever had his mobile phone number to pass it on.

I want to get married to Chris Evans. I think he’s cute and kind because am fade up of smart wire guys.

Don Zella

When Evans came across her post, he also politely responded requesting to think about it before he reacts to her urges. He, however, alerted her that if he doesn’t reply in time then the relationship won’t happen.

Nalongo Don Zella I saw your message. Let me think about it, mpayo akadde. Bwonoolaba sikuzzeemu, then nga omanya kigaanye.

Chris Evans

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