Since Rema Namakula’s Kukyala ceremony, there has been a debate of whether she will continue with her music career having become someone’s official wife.

The debate started when Dr. Ssebunya’s guardian Godfrey Kumiira issued Rema with an ultimatum of ceasing from active music in five years.

During her Introduction (Kwanjula) ceremony, Mr. Kirumiira maintained that they had given Rema only 5 years to wind up with her music passion and career.

However, Rema’s family members who included Halima Namakula trashed the ultimatum saying that if Dr. Ssebunya’s family wants to stop Rema from singing then Hamza should also stop working as a doctor.

Her manager Solo Geoffrey Kayemba has also added his voice as he disclosed how Rema is to continue with her music career till fans stop supporting her.

Since Mr. Kirumiira is not the one who intiated Rema into the music industry, I don’t think he can decide for Rema when to stop/ quit the music industry. I hope it will be a decision between her and the husband but I don’t see it coming because it’s her full time job that has been moving on smoothly.

Actually, people are concerned because have been recieving calls from either side. However, I’m certain that she will continue with her music career until fans stop supporting her or say enough is enough.

Manager Kayemba

It looks much of a possibility that Rema will stop singing since most of Uganda’s married female artists have always ended up as home sitting mothers.

What are your thoughts about Rema’s 5-year ultimatum?

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