The war between NBS TV After5 show host MC Kats and CEO Zivuga Group producer Sidesoft has taken a dirty turn as the latter reveals shocking secrets about the former.

On Tuesday 26th November, we published a story of how MC Kats threatened to expose his close friends; producer Sidesoft and Gucci Brynz, after learning of how they conned him of over Shs7m in just two months.

MC Kats further alleged that Gucci Brynz stole Shs3m from his bank account and Shs1m on MoCash using the national Identity Card which Kats used to register his MTN line.

Having received Kats’ threats, the renown producer Sidesoft decided to drop the bomb unearthing of some of Kats’ dirtiest deeds.

In a post on his social media pages, Sidesoft notes that his life, career, and business are at risk. He stresses how Kats hired gunmen to end Omar’s life. Omar was Fille’s new lover when she left Kats.

Sidesoft went ahead to reveal how he tried to stop Kats but the emcee instead got in touch with some other dirty police officers who took Omar to a safe house where he was severely beaten.

You left us in jeopardy and disguise but you have failed to understand. You said you don’t know Shammy K live on TV. You promised to put me down in a month. Yes, good you are doing it.

But I wouldn’t want to wrestle with a brand like you coz it’s playing its usual game. You have experience in the hate game. I don’t want to fight you. But when you try to put me down I will fight back because this is my business too. I have hustled alone in this industry.

Have you ever helped me in my career as a producer? So I don’t think you can destroy what you didn’t create and am humbly requesting let’s leave the ghosts to sleep because I will produce each and every voice note and messages of you that is putting my life, business and family in danger.

I knew this would happen so I kept security. “I stopped you when you had hired gunmen to shoot Fille’s boyfriend Omar”. You and some dirty officers took him to a safe house and he was beaten up badly and videos were sent on your phone.

You shared them with me, remember. I have been there in your worst times thinking we shared a business, brotherhood with friendship. Am left with no choice because you’re putting my life, my career, and our business at risk.


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