Nalongo Maggie – It’s true Grenade slept with SK Mbuga’s wife

Even while still on earth, some people have already received their judgement. Today seems like judgement day for rising singer Deus Ndugwa a.k.a Grenade Official as his estranged lover Nalongo Maggie Kiweesi spills the beans about how he slept with SK Mbuga’s wife.

About a week ago, we reported about how Maggie was bedridden and battling a strange undisclosed disease. She appeared a few days later on social media and rubbished the reports.

Her relationship with Grenade was also said to have been on the rocks and it seems like they finally decided to call it quits. That however does not go down without a few secrets being spilled.

Grenade and Maggie Kiweesi

Maggie met Grenade earlier this year through a friend who wanted to help finance the singer’s music career. They formed a relationship and somehow managed to connect at a level deeper than just friends.

Maggie then started financing Grenade’s music and the singer actually earned his first ever flight abroad to Zambia to shoot a music video with WSTRN. He also went to Dubai with Eddy Kenzo for the One Africa Music Fest. His career had started taking the right path.

Maggie has now decided to spill the beans and in part of the audio we listened to, she reveals that Grenade indeed slept with SK Mbuga’s wife Vivian Chebet when the socialite was still locked up in the diaspora.

You feared SK Mbuga because you used to go to his house and sleep with his wife. In three days after he returned to Uganda, Hajji (SK Mbuga) had a bitter fight with his wife Vivian asking him about the allegations that were circulating on the internet about her sleeping with a certain boy. Vivian called her sister Bree and begged to call Grenade telling him to hide because Hajji had lost his mind.

Maggie Kiweesi

Listen to more of what Maggie had to say below:

Nalongo Maggie Kiweesi Exposes Grenade: He's gay, slept with SK Mbuga's wife, stole pancakes and grasshoppers, etc

Nalongo Maggie Kiweesi Spills The Beans After Grenade Dumping Her:All the secrets about her relationship with Am Grenade official, his sexual relationship with Sk mbuga's wife Vivian, his fallout with Team No Sleep and God's Plan, his new record label, allegations that he is gay and all the other artists involved in the act, how he stole pancakes and grasshoppers, etc.(Credits: Ritah Kaggwa)

Posted by Mbu on Friday, November 29, 2019

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