Spice Diana headstrong ahead of 2020 concert, kicks off rehearsals

Unarguably, Spice Diana is a gem; one of the best divas in the Ugandan and East African music industry. Her music has won over the hearts of several fans across the region and she sits in a sweet position among the cream of this part of Africa.

Having broken onto the scene with a big hit titled ‘Onsanula’ in 2014, Namukwaya Hajara Diana a.k.a Spice Diana has never looked back. She has blessed us with several hit songs along the way and today, it’s hard mentioning the top five Ugandan artistes without her name on the list.

On 17th January 2020, the Source Management songstress will be staging her third concert. It will be staged at Freedom City. This is the same venue at which she left a mark on 25th January 2019 at her ‘Ndi Mu Love’ concert.

Freedom City has already registered bigger crowds in the last period of a year the most recent being John Blaq’s ‘Ebyalagirwa’ concert at which music fans turned up in large numbers.

On Bended Knees: Spice Diana thanks fans who turned up in large number for her ‘Ndi Mu Love’ at Freedom City in January 2019 (MARV Shots)

Spice Diana will be looking forward to making even a huger statement come January and she has already began preparations with over a month to go.

She kick-started rehearsals a few days ago and plans to go all the way till January to make sure everything concerning her performance is up to per and in sync with whatever she is planning to deliver.

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