Konde Music Worldwide CEO Rajab Abdul Kahali a.k.a Harmonize has dropped the music video for his new song titled ‘Kushoto Kulia’. There are hidden messages in the song that you might what to decipher.

Since deciding to quit Wasafi Classic Baby record label, Harmonize has faced criticism from several music critics and fans, most of whom claim that he cannot make it on his own.

He has also been attacked by fellow artistes, and recently was at war with producer Mega Enga who forced him to delete his UNO song off all platforms due to copyright infringement.

Any other artiste would be crumbling to the pressure but it seems like Harmonize has turned the sour lemon into sweet lemonade. He has taken one of the worst times in his life and turned it into positive energy.

Directed by Tanzanian award-winning videographer Hanscana, the video of Harmonize’s new song titled ‘Kushoto Kulia’ starts with him in an unconscious state, receiving first aid after being involved in an accident.

He opens his eyes, very much surprised by the situation, and miraculously starts walking again as people run from their houses towards him. Was this how he felt after leaving Wasafi? Well, maybe.

Harmonize, in white Arab wear, is then surrounded by several people wearing dark attires from head to toe. That can be translated into the dark souls that are surrounding him.

In the same scene, several other people wearing white are tied and bonded together which one could relate to the other remaining Wasafi members. Are they really in bondage however? That’s for you to answer.

Following scenes show him; as a king on the throne, as a prisoner breaking free of the chains on his arms, sitting high at the table of men as the master of the game, and ends with shots being fired.

With that, the message is clear! Catch the video below and let us know what you make of the video:

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