As you read this, Deejay LL is still receiving medical care at Nsambya Hospital after his nose was broken by singer Weasel Manizo after the latter found the DJ with his girlfriend Sandra Teta.

The hour of 4am isn’t gonna feel the same for renown Deejay LL especially after what he encountered in the wee hours of today morning. Each time it clocks 4:00am, he might need to look behind just to make sure he’s safe.

As he was bar-hopping after a night of scratching the decks as his usual business, Deejay LL decided to make a stop at the Kololo-based Casablanca Bar and Restaurant for a few drinks with friends.

As he made it past the entrance, he saw his friend Sandra Teta who is also Weasel’s current girlfriend. Politely, Deejay LL advanced to say ‘Hi’ to the Ugandan-based Rwandan socialite.

Before he even finished his salutations, Deejay LL was being roughed up. As he turned to see who was body-checking him, his nose was met with a heavy blow, from Weasel, which broke it instantly.

It is reported that Weasel’s other hangers-on did the rest and Deejay LL was left with a bleeding nose and bruised face. He was rushed to Nsambya Hospital where he received first aid and as soon as he regained consciousness, he took it to social media to report about what had happened to him.

Today at 4am I escorted my friends to Casablanca. As I was entering, Casablanca I came across Sandra Teta and I decided to say hi to her but as I was saying hi Weasel came from behind and beat me and broke my nose am bleeding and am at Nsambya Hospital.

Deejay LL | Twitter

Weasel has been reported to have been involved in various fights over the years together with the late Mowzey Radio. Since Radio’s death however, the former Leone Island singer’s violent ways have only gotten worse.

Friends close to him reveal that he often loses his mind over small issues and he is increasingly growing violent, often fighting whenever he is under influence of alcohol and drugs.

His longtime music partner Mowzey Radio (RIP) died on 1st February 2018 at Case Medical Center after sustaining head injuries following a bar brawl in Entebbe with a one Godfrey ‘Troy’ Wamala.

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