The first day I met Mirembe Racheal a.k.a Recho Rey face-to-face, she was timid, shy, innocent-looking and really afraid to say a word to me. Whatever she wanted to communicate, she would do so through her manager known as Apple.

I saw her again a few days ago and she’s completely someone else. So much confidence oozing from her. She takes authority now and asks for whatever she wants. She’s not that crawling and crying baby anymore.

Honestly, the growth in confidence and personality have also had an effect on her music. When you listen to her first breakthrough song ‘Who Is She?’, and then listen to her latest track titled ‘Bwogana’, the transformation is limpid.

Physically too, her body has moved from 0-100 real fast. I met her as a young girl in her vacation and she was slender, without make up, and such a tom-boy.

Today, we have a full woman who wears like the lady she is; elegant, spicy, raunchy, and graceful, according to the occasion. You won’t believe what we are saying until you take a look at the photos below:

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