Sevo talked and a beat was added to make ‘Ye Ngoma’ – Patrick Kanyomozi

The President of the Uganda Sports Press Association (USPA) Patrick Kanyomozi believes that if Uganda’s copyright law was properly enforced, Fresh Daddy would have a serious case against President Museveni’s new song.

The USPA president believes so following a number of music fans who have labeled President Museveni’s new track ‘Ye Ngoma’ as trash. The song was released a few days ago by events promoter Balaam Barugahare.

Many music critics pointed out that instead of singing, the president just talked, a beat was added to his speech, and a song was released.

Kanyomozi went on to reveal that though Fresh Daddy would have a strong case against Sevo, the original inventor of the style was Gen. Elly Tumwine before it was modified by Big Eye Starboss.

According to Balaam, the song has already notched 2 million views since it’s release, just less than a week’s time.

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