Comedian Reign – I know Zahara Totto crushes on me

Renown city comedian Reign of the comedy duo Maulana and Reign bossed of how he is aware that television personality Zahara Totto crushes on him.

While having a word with this website, Reign bragged that for long he has been sure and aware of Zahara Totto’s interest in him but always distanced himself from her.

I hear people spreading rumor that Zahara Totto crushes for me but for your case, I’m aware that she falls for me and I can’t deny that because she also knows what she feels about me.

Comedian Reign eating mulondo

Of late, Zahara Totto has been making headlines with her rich boyfriend known as Don Solomon ever since he gifted her with a ‘fake’ BMW just to pose within the media.

Does she really have a crush on him?, well we shall keep you posted in case she addresses this issue.

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