You looked like a turkey – Fans continue roasting Bettinah’s ASFA pose

The Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards always leave statements behind. Both the good and the bad is expected as different people look beyond the ordinary to bring out their A-game on that red-carpet.

The ASFAs 2019 happened on Friday night at Kampala Serena Hotel and boy, oh boy, the pomp and glamour was through the roof. Everyone who turned up was dressed to the nines and it was such a colorful awards ceremony.

A few heads however might have gone a bit extra with their dresses, make-up, poses, and other accessories and as you would expect, social media had no kind words for the few characters.

Among those trolled the most was Full Figure for her wig, Lydia Jazmine for her poorly made make-up, and Bettinah Tianah for her robotic pose while on the red-carpet.

26-year-old Fashionista, Influencer, and TV personality Betty Nassali, popularly known as Bettinah Tianah, took it to social media to warn people from sharing any of her photos from the ASFAs without her approval.

Despite the warning, several critics flooded the social media streets to give Bettinah a taste of her own medicine as they trashed her outfit and the robotic pose she pulled on the red-carpet.

A one Chantal Ruby Batamuliza Uwimbabazi questioned why the Fashionista doesn’t say the same about people who share her photos in praise of her beauty and why she had to wait to pass the warning after a forgettable moment on the red carpet.

Madam Bettinah, when people share pics of you ngabakuwana, do they ask for permission first?? What happened this time?? Is it because you didn’t look your best??

Chantal Ruby questioned

Chantal further enlightened Bettinah about how she was at a public event at which the press was allowed to take photos of everyone who dared to step on the red-carpet.

Chantal also reminded Bettinah of how she also trashes other people on her TV show without asking for their consent to share their photos. Below is what the social media critic had to say:

You are always criticizing people on your fashion show ku NTV, do they give you permission to share their pics on Style Project and talk all kind of nonsense about them??? Oh dear, a fashion critique who can’t handle the criticism when it’s directed to her. The self importance!

You are not immune to criticism please. Nga you can trash others on TV!!! Your day has come, and it is today, Kati lekka tukuwe. And you cannot do anything to us. Totutiisa! Tafulu! Just sit down and read comments! Oh ki baby, you looked like a beautiful turkey last night.

Chantal Ruby Batamuliza Uwimbabazi | Facebook

Bettinah has not responded to the criticism yet and neither has she reacted to those who made it a point to counter her warning. Well, if it wasn’t for the not so popular pose, her attire was really good for the occasion.

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