Desire Luzinda consoles Bettinah and Full Figure on their ASFAs outfits

Following the just climaxed 7th edition of the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards, some fashionistas like TV personality Bettinah Tianah faced the wrath of fans over her pose and the outfit she decked.

She was called all sorts of names. from comparing her to the Mr. Picfare cartoon, Robocop to a turkey plus all other kinds of insults that flew her way.

Faded singer Jennifer Full Figure also received her fair share when her red-carpet looks were likened to a movie character Big Mama because of her wig.

Having scrolled through all the negative comments that were directed towards those who did not rock at the event, Desire Luzinda cheekily took to her socials to console them as she wrote;

Ladies thank you for looking lovely on ASFAs. For those that feel like they did not look their best, it is ok. Sometimes things just refuse (bigana) . It does not make you less of a fashionista or your designer bad,things just ‘refuse ‘ IT IS OK.

Desire Luzinda

Sometimes it is good to take a back seat and let other ladies shine. Ladies thank you for looking lovely on #Asfas….

Posted by Desire Luzinda on Monday, December 16, 2019

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