Manager Francis confiscates Fresh Kid’s passport and social media passwords

The turmoil between Fresh Kid’s former manager Francis Kamoga and his new manager MC Eddie from MC Events is just starting to take center stage.

This is after Fresh Kid’s new manager claimed that manager Francis confiscated the 8-year-old rapper’s passport and the passwords to all his social media accounts from Facebook to YouTube.

Manager Francis allegedly went ahead and came up with fake music shows that the renown child rapper had to perform.

According to MC Eddie, Francis lied to them about a show in Hoima but upon reaching the said venue on time, they found nothing like a show seeming to happen at the venue.

MC Eddie then received a call from a supposed promoter saying that they shunned a show and fans turned rowdy destroying property.

Fresh Kid’s new manager made the comments following a threat that manager Francis issued to them of how Fresh Kid is going fade just after three months.


#Olugambo; Embaga ya Julie Angume esaziddwaamu.-Bba wa Julie Angume ayogedde ekyamulemesezza okujja ku mukolo-Maneja wa Fresh Kid omupya alaajanye, Maneja Francis awambye paasipooti y'omwana.

Posted by Bukedde TV on Tuesday, December 17, 2019

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