From the outside, fame is such a beauty. With fame, you can live the life you want, get all the good things and receive love and blessings from the people you don’t even know.

All that is true but that’s not all there is. For a few figures, fame has plunged them into life-threatening situations. For Qute Kaye, the influence he met in his famous days might end his life soon.

Qute Kaye, real name Kawuma Ivan, is a Ugandan artiste who rose to fame in 2003 after being discovered in the CocaCola Popstars talent search project. His song ‘Ginkese’ found a quick way into people’s hearts making him a fans’ favorite. His good looks and unique voice won him various fans, mostly female, and he had such a big following in his early music career.

His stardom however began to fade when he failed to add more melodious songs to his early releases, losing fans and hence the income that he used to earn from music concurrently declined. His livelihood was constantly questioned by different media houses with many connecting him to strange diseases and death rumors.

In May 2018, the former Singer was nabbed stealing lights from a car in Busega. He survived lynching, saved by a few fans that recognized him as a celebrity. That same month he apologized for his actions and promised his fans to refocus on producing more music.

In December 2018, he ran into hiding having sold off household items which were donated to him by a few fans and Mama Sure Deal. It was rumored that he had fallen back to his old ways and he was using the money to buy drugs and the addiction was back.

A lot has happened in his life since, including his girlfriend Pretty Glo being nabbed while stealing a phone in a city shopping arcade. It now turns out that Qute Kaye is back into serious drug abuse as revealed by an Investigative story on NBS TV on Monday.

A Canary Mugume-inspired Investigative piece that sought to discover the effect of drugs in the lives of musicians showed footage, from a hidden camera, of Qute Kaye using drugs again and looking very unhealthy.

Fans of the singer’s music have now expressed their worst fear that they might lose him forever now since all efforts to get him back on track have bore no fruit.

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