New Chapter | Nina Roz dumps Beenie Gunter, hooks up Feffe Bussi

For some time now, word has been making rounds in the corridors of entertainment stressing how self-styled Ugandan Property Nina Roz had fallen out with supposed lover Beenie Gunter.

The two were reported to have deleted each other’s photos on their socials and scrolling through their pages, one had to really dig deep down to find the pairs snaps.

Finding their old pictures together somehow cooled down the rumors of their break up but what has again fueled the rumor is Nina Roz’s Instagram stories update.

Nina Roz, the ‘Munda Dala’ singer posted a photo of her chilling with Feffe Bussi and captioned it as New Chapter.

The caption on the photo is what might have led to the conclusion that Nina Roz and Beenie Gunter are not an item anymore.

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