Rapper Keko

Looking back to the start of 2009, Keko rose to the limelight as the hottest female rapper to have ever emerged out of East Africa and undeniably, her shine took over the entire Africa with her hit jams.

Through her record ground-breaking track titled ‘This How We Do It’ Keko landed a DSTV deal that saw her name painted all over the world and whenever Premier League games were getting underway it had to be played.

It was indeed a good gesture for Keko and Uganda as a country at large as she was waving the Ugandan flag so high.

Down the road, as she got signed to Sony Music Label, she slowly but surely drowned into the deep waters of fame and started to behave in an awkward manner.

She was reportedly dragged to rehab to curb on the way she was abusing drugs and she successful managed to overcome and give a second shot at music but the results weren’t the same.

Through a tweet, she has opened up on how her bright start to the decade ended on a low note despite graduating with a Film Degree.


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