Presidential Advisors, Catherine Kusasira and Jennifer ‘Full Figure’ Nakagubi faced the malice of an unruly crowd as they got pelted with bottles as they were about to perform at Nabugabo Sand Beach, Masaka.

Full Figure was the first victim to suffer the hostility of angry fans earlier on in the day as she was not even allowed to get any close to the stage when furious fans chased her away from the venue. She ran for her dear life.

She then left the venue without performing but was loudly heard cursing and spitting venom towards whoever made such an act as well as thanking God for saving her.

As it got darker, at around 8PM, Catherine Kusasira made her way to the stage but she was also welcomed by flying objects accompanied by wild chants chasing her off stage.

She first ignored them but as she continued to with her performance, the crowd was unrelenting and more missiles kept on landing on stage until the organizers were forced to stop her.

It is reportedly said that it took over 15 minutes for the situation to normalize after fans hitting Kusasira with bottles some of which were containing urine and other substances.

Even though what angered the fans is not yet clear, this is the not first time the two artists have been chased off stage by big crowds and it’s believed that it could be due to political differences.

We highly condemn such ill acts in the entertainment industry and we thank God that none of them was injured.

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Solomon Mwesigwa

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