2020 could be the year that Pia Pounds has set aside to reflect and refocus many aspects of her life.

A few days ago while performing on stage, a skimpily dressed Pia Pounds cut her performance short just to apologize to the revelers for always flashing her private body parts to them

Yesterday, probably after the Christmas mood had settled in, the former Big Talent Entertainment singer got hold of her phone to type words of advice to her followers, some of which might rub social media lovers the wrong way.

Some of the things she advises against are; Living for likes, living a lie, thinking that followers make one wealthy, competition and trying to impress others.

Pia Pounds believes that all the above are unnecessary if you’re to live a happy life because they are not the reality. She therefore urges her followers to be true to themselves and live the reality.

Living a lie is the stupidest thing anyone can ever do. Likes make no one rich, followers make no one wealthy. Live for who you are. Live for the reality. Don’t compete with nobody. The people you’re trying to impress won’t care 10 years from now. Be true to who you are.

Pia Pounds

What do you make of her piece of advice?

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