Becky Chosen and Victor Kamenyo.

At just 18-years-old, Chosen Becky had a big hit which, according to many local music fans, was the song of the year 2018. She went on to add a couple more songs and became the rookie of the year.

Today, Chosen Becky, real name Rebecca Kukiriza, is just yet another would-be big star whose light keeps flashing from the dark, cloudy skies above. What went wrong?

The slope in the fame curve for the ‘Bankuza’ star started when she fell out with her first manager, also Singer/Rapper Victor Kamenyo. The two are said to have had misunderstandings and Chosen Becky desired to change management.

She left without remorse and fell in the hands of David Lutalo. A few more songs, a couple of performances on the big stages – Chosen Becky did it all – but it was still her breakthrough song ‘Bankuza’ that got her booked. She was never the same star after leaving Victor Kamenyo’s management.

A ‘Save Chosen Becky’ Campaign was started by music lovers, critics, and a couple of members of the press to help the situation because they believed that the songstress was being poorly managed yet she has the talent to shine.

Despite the campaign not achieving its set goals to help Chosen Becky shine again, they managed to drag her away from David Lutalo’s management and she has been on her own for a while now.

As any other person, Chosen Becky has been reminiscing about what life would have been if he had stuck with her first manager Victor Kamenyo. Probably she would still be a big star today.

Through her WhatsApp status, which we managed to catch a glimpse of, the songstress gave enough props to Victor Kamenyo who nurtured and introduced her onto the big scene.

She pledges to love him forever and thanks him for taking her in as his own sister and managing to endure all the pain and sacrifice just to make her shine.

Very thoughtful, right? We still believe she is talented and her fan base never left. She is young as well and can still redeem her music career. We hope for that and can’t wait to see her rise again.

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