Since September 2018 when Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool was pelted with bottles and other objects at the Swangz Avenue Allstar concert, the act of hooliganism has been on the rise.

Just over the weekend, singers Catherine Kusasira and Full Figure were victims of the hostility from angry fans as they also received their fair share of the bottles.

This prompted Big Eye to rush to police to request for permission to demonstrate about the matter as he proposed to walk from Kampala to Bobi Wine’s home in Magere.

Before he is even permitted to do so, USPA president Patrick Kanyomozi has come out and condemned the constant invisible pelting of bottle at Bobi Wine which he reasons that he has also been denied the chance to practice his profession.

Having heard Kanyomozi’s point of view, do you think Big Eye should be permitted to demonstrate because they are pelted with flying objects once in a while?

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Solomon Mwesigwa

Easy but not talkative, Music Lover, DM for any leads in local entertainment.

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  1. We desperatly need change in leadership of our country, so anyone trying to stop change definately will face it rough

  2. He should not 📵 be permitted permission to do so, if they do they will be showing sosolism/favor for one side, remember they do refuse others imagine on issues concerning the country

  3. In the first place the government is the source of this intolerance , by refusing Bobi to sing , those who believe in him must vent anger on some less powerful agents of the state which they percieve to be against them. You reap what you sow

  4. Kanyomozi is just a pro hooliganism among bobi wine diehards, but entertainment is beyond Bobi Wine and Uganda has been there before bobi fans and so shall it be. It’s a shame how cheap some group of young Ugandans and Kanyomozi Wonna try and justify the illiterate and hooliganic act against select musicians because they don’t support bobi wine, very saddened by Kanyomozi comment, this simply encourages the hooligans to continue with their backward and violent and corrupt mindset

    1. So do u know way bobi is refused to sing it’s bcz he doesn’t support m7 I thought u are wiser than that Sir

  5. My opinion is that, govt should introduce the system of deployment of comandos like that of parliament to fight that group.

  6. Some one enlighten me please, who is big eye and what does he do, Ugandans have a tendency of over rating idiots.

  7. Big eye and friends that is rubbish let me not even find u on Kampala road streets we are waiting for change puying it in mind that very soon their is a pregnant mother to give birth

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