What a couple that would be! I mean, imagine Spice Diana and Eddy Kenzo under one roof. That would be magical, wouldn’t it? Well, for now, it’s just a rumor that Spice Diana finds ‘baseless and laughable’.

For all the years that Spice Diana has been at the top in industry, we have never seen any man being introduced as hers. She has always dodged questions that point towards her love life.

In recent weeks, however, she has been too close to Eddy Kenzo. The two aren’t even shy to show their fondness for each other in public. Rumors in the corridors have had it that the Big Talent boss wants to replace Rema with Spice Diana and the latter had not come out to clear the air as well.

There have been a couple of men that have fancied dating Spice but she has always left them hanging. Some of those include A Pass, DJ Roja, Gravity Omutujju, Kalifah Aganaga, Kabako, Pallaso, among others.

Kalifah Aganaga in particular has gone an extra mile of asking Kenzo to back off his crush or face his wrath. The Bad Character boss even released songs talking about how much he wants her.

While appearing in an interview, Spice Diana distanced herself from any rumors linking her to dating Eddy Kenzo. She notes that they are just friends in the same industry and there’s nothing more beyond music.

So I will be linked to everyone I talk to? Hmm. These allegations are baseless and laughable.

Spice Dian

We can put the rumors to bed. For now, at least.

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