The whole of this year, singer George William Kigozi alias Geosteady has been cited in only one scandal – and that has been the Nabweteme child neglect saga.

From that moment onward, he kept a cool and calm personality until this past weekend when he was forced to reveal his true colors by renown music critic Edward Sendi.

Basing on his socials, the ‘Owooma’ singer lost his cool after the music critic labeled him as an ‘ill-mannered’ artist. Geosteady claims that Sendi asked him to play live band music instead of digital performance.

Geosteady angrily retaliated requesting people to learn the music business. He also boldly and unapologetically told them how he isn’t anyone’s father in the business.

As if that wasn’t enough, Geosteady went on to brand music critic Edward Sendi as a ‘Stupid old man’.

This is not the first time that Eddie Sendi has found himself clashing with musicians. At the start of this same year, he forced Spice Diana to compose a song hitting at him after comments he uttered prior to her 2019 concert.

Eddie Sendi has again ended the year in the bad books of Geosteady. So we are safe to say that 2019 has been a bad start and a bad ending for Eddie.

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Solomon Mwesigwa

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