In a year where Bad Black has rose again for all the controversies, she is up and about to end it on a high after her bar brawl with fellow socialite Don Bahati over the weekend. She now resolves to beat up anyone who tells lies in 2020.

Shanitah Namuyimbwa, popularly known as Bad Black, has stirred up the media with some really controversial stories all year round. Most have been to do with her personal life and relationships but on other times, she has stepped on some toes.

She is out to close the year just as she started it with major beef between her and South Africa-based Ugandan socialite Don Bahati. Bad Black beat Don Bahati with a bottle during the Money And Fame party.

The ‘Money and Fame’ party happened at Club Guvnor on 24th December 2019 as fans and friends of Don Bahati and Bad Black gathered to celebrate and show off.

The party however ended in tears with Don Bahati nursing wounds after Bad Black allegedly hit him with bottle in a scuffle that arose after Bad Black checked the bag which Bahati claimed to have money only to find a blanket.

While appearing on an interview on NBS TV’s UnCut show, Bad Black revealed that people are going to see more of that as she pledges to beat up anyone who tells lies in 2020. She also revealed that she beat up Bahati because he didn’t pay her for promoting the event.

Bahati contacted me asking that I promote his night on my SnapChat. He pledged to pay me Shs4m but he didn’t even pay me. So I beat him. I was even going to open up a case against him for impersonation because you cannot disguise yourself as someone that you’re not. He brought that bag with a sweater in it so had it been taken he would have told the public that his money was stolen.

Bad Black

Bad Black also reveals that she was drawn to opening up just to confirm whether the bag contained USD 20,000 as Don Bahati had claimed while speaking to journalists.

When we were entering (the club), he told people that journalists that there was USD 20,000 in the bag so I was wondering which rich man can leave $20,000 in a bag on a chair just to go for a shot call and to change his clothes. Why was he even changing clothes in the toilet? So I opened the bag and found a blanket. Witchcraft is real.

Bad Black

The motor-mouthed socialite also rubbished claims that Don Bahati issued an arrest warrant to her. Bahati appeared on a video revealing how he had opened up a case at police claiming that Bad Black wanted to steal his money and that she assaulted him.

There is no case to answer because I called the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson and I elaborated myself to them. I also called Bahati and he asked that we drop the matter. He has too much comedy. In all the cases I’ve been through, this can’t be the one to bring up.

Bad Black

Below is more of what she had to say:

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