2020 starts off with threats coming in from veteran singer Emperor Orlando who intends to sue Sharon Peyton for allegedly copying his song titled ‘Nakonkona’ to make her own trending song titled ‘Kuba’.

It has been a while since we last heard of musicians battling about song theft and copyright infringement. It seems like we’re back to that trend as one veteran musician accuses a rising songstress of using his content in her song.

For the bigger part of the last two years, the issue of copyright laws not being effective in Uganda has raised major discussions. Despite musicians coming up with associations to rectify the issue, little has been done to solve the problem.

In 2002, Emperoro Orlando blessed the industry with two hits; ‘Jila Tugende’ and ‘Nakonkona’, the latter going on to become one of the all-time favorite songs in the country.

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According to him, Sharon Peyton copied his hit song to create her own titled ‘Kuba’ which was released in November 2019. For that, he requires the song is put down or to be paid an amount of money. Less of that, he intends to sue the artiste.

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According to sources in Sharon Peyton’s camp, Orlando called her manager asking him to drop the song or face off in court because his artiste infringed on his intellectual property.

Sharon’s management does not concur with Orlando’s findings and hence is reluctant to oblige to his requests. This is another developing story that we shall closely watch to see how it ends.

Having listened to both songs, however, do you find any similarity? Is Emperor Orlando right to sue Sharon Peyton?

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