Every new year, almost each and everyone unveils new plans of what they want to achieve in that particular year.

Faded singer Maggie Kayima, popularly known as Nabbi Omukazi has a lot of plans that she wants to execute before the close of 2020.

She contemplates bouncing back musically, starting her own church, Youth Initiatives, among many other projects but before she chose which one to kick off with, she decided to share some of her opinions with her fans on her socials.

The reaction she got about bouncing back musically was positive as many praised her of how she has a good voice that they used to enjoy.

However, the reaction about opening her own church was overshadowed by negative comments as some of her fans boldly told her how they are tired of agents of satan.

Others dug out her old habits of faking miracles while still at Pastor Yiga’s church as they feared that she could be aiming at returning with the same old tricks.

Below are some of the reactions from fans:

(Screenshots from Facebook)

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