Who said celebrities can’t crush on bigger celebrities? They lied. One of your favorite TV presenters Tinah Teise is crushing on a footballer and she plans to become his wife in future.

On January 6th 2020, NTV Login presenter Christine Kyomujuni a.k.a Tinah Teise celebrated her 28th birthday. As always, it was a day of gifts, best of wishes, and juicy photos flooding her social media platforms.

Someone gifted her with a brand new customized watch with pink diamonds and the number ‘6’ engraved on the inside. It must have been someone special enough to know what her connection with the number 6 is.

She posted a photo of the watch already on her arm as she revealed why the watch was one of the most special gifts she received on her birthday. In the caption, she revealed that her future husband Paul Pogba plays number six and how sex is the best thing in the world.

What is your lucky number? Mine is 6! Born on the 6th not just 6th but the 6th day of every year, a 6th last born of 6, my future husband Paul Pogba plays a 6, my football team Man U always in 6th place, want to have 6 kids and if you replace letter “i” with “e” in the word Six, it’s the best thing in the world. Someone gifted me a customised 6th watch with Pink diamonds. What a thoughtful gift! Thank you!

Tinah Teise

You now know what Tinah wants most, you got the shortest route to her happiness. Tread carefully, however!

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