It’s not often that you will see Zari Hassan coming out to retaliate against public opinion regarding her private life but she is not willing to sit back and watch as her young boyfriend gets attacked by social media warriors.

The 39-year-old South Africa-based Ugandan socialite is engaged to 29-year-old South African Actor Cedric Anthony Fourie a.k.a King Bae. The age difference has become a major talking point on social media.

Zari, a mother of five children from two different fathers, does not understand why the public always targets her with judgments each time she goes in to date someone of her own choice.

Cedric Fourie a.k.a King Bae

Through her Instagram, Zari poises a few questions to the public as she tries to understand which factors should matter the most when someone decides to love another:

It has become a habit in society that we tend to judge people’s relationship in one way or another. I said ‘we’ including myself because I ain’t no saint, and at times I have fallen into the trap and not so positive way of thinking.

Matters of the heart are complicated to some extent that are beyond our understanding. For example; When a young girl dates an older man, she is instantly branded a gold digger. When an older woman dates a younger man, she is a Craddle Snatcher or maybe a desperate person.

Zari kisses Diamond Platnumz

When a woman or man dates someone more financially established by status quo this becomes a case of “you are after her or his money”. When you date a not so good looking man or woman that also raises a-few eyebrows because society kinda narrows you down depending on your status. Eg: A doctor or pilot,  or oh no she sells at a market stall you can’t be dating such?!?! When your man or woman isn’t up to your standards, its a conversation of “levels”. Oh she or he can’t fit in with us. There are questions like; what does he or she do for a living, who are in her/his circle?!? This convoluted discussions and saga continues…….

Love is and should be unconditional, love can be found in the most bizarre places with the least expected person. Its not the status nor the levels, not the financial stability or the public elevated status the list could go on.  I wanna hear from you: Do these points mentioned have a factor when you decide to love someone?

Zari The Bosslady

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