There are no more doubts that Winnie Nwagi is feeling more comfortable and in control at Swangz Avenue now more than ever before. She is even set to hold her first-ever concert this year.

For an artiste who has been at one of the biggest music record labels in Uganda for over 5 years, it comes as a shocker for many that she has never held a concert of her own.

Despite being one of the most promising artistes over the years and blessing her fans and followers with a couple of hit songs and controversial lifetyle stories, she has never stood out as an artiste on her own.

Many critics believe that she would have been a much bigger star if it weren’t for the arrival of Irene Ntale and Vinka who are blamed for being the most favored in the label and hence stealing her shine.

Last year, Vinka was signed to Sony Music and Nwagi remained as the only established artiste at the label. Despite the signing of Azawi in November 2019, Nwagi can rest assured she is the biggest star at Swangz Avenue.

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During an interview, the Jangu singer revealed that she is now ready to answer the question most of her fans have been asking and reward them with a music concert of her own.

2020, first of all, I want to fulfill the promise I made to my fans. I want to give them a concert because I’ve never held a concert before. I also have a lot of good music coming through.

Winnie Nwagi

When asked about the dates and month when the concert will happen, however, Nwagi who seemed a bit unsure just gave a smile and asked her fans to keep waiting for the official communication.

Do you believe it is finally the right time for Nwagi to have her concert?

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