First, with two weeks left to the end of 2019, singer Chosen Becky lied to the nation that she would reveal her husband to the public on the 1st of January 2020.

The ‘Telemundo’ singer has bounced back with claims of how she can’t date a broke guy just two weeks into the month of January 2020.

While in a phone interview with Bukedde Radio, Chosen Becky stated that at the moment she can only fall in love with someone who is at least loaded and who won’t be of a burden to her.

At the moment I can’t date a broke guy. In fact, I want someone who can be of developmental to me. I don’t want a person whom I’m going to ask for a phone of Shs5m and then he breaks down. I am a woman who works to afford everything for my self. Now, I want a person who won’t come in my life to drag me down but rather to improve my life for the better then we have a harmonious lifestyle.

Chosen Becky

With her latest revelation, it’s a clear indicator that Chosen Becky is still and readily available on the market for whoever can afford her standards.

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