Skin bleaching is one of the top trends in the females’ beauty circles. Local Actress and Comedienne Martha Kay Kagimba reveals that she once considered bleaching having been insecure in her dark skin.

Today, when you walk around town, most of the women have tried to add a lighter complexion to their skin. The general perception is that men are more attracted to women with lighter skin complexions than dark skins.

Whether the perception is right or wrong, many women have taken it upon themselves to invest in skin-lightening products just to look more appealing and attractive. Those with darker complexions feel insecure and less attractive.

Martha Kay reveals that she also used to feel insecure about how dark she is. She once tried to wash her face so hard that it even left bruises just because she thought it would make her skin lighter.

Today, however, she has embraced her complexion and emphasizes that she is very proud of her dark skin.

I used to be so insecure about how dark I am. I remember one day washing my face so hard I got bruises because I wanted to be light skinned. I would rather die before I posted a picture in black and white. How will I be this dark and post a black and white ?🤣Today, i am so proud of my skin complexion. Literally cannot imagine looking any different. Small progress.

Martha Kay | Instagram

Well, at least she is comfortable in her skin now. She is a beautiful woman!

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