Just moments after disclosing how she is no longer interested in relationships with white men, singer Cindy Sanyu shared her side of the story why her love affair with city socialite Kenny failed.

The ‘Boom Party’ singer explained that in the first place, she was not ready to reveal Kenny to the public but fellow singer Fina Masanyalaze rushed to the media and cried out loud about how she had snatched her husband.

Later on, due to rumors, their relationship was short lived. It didn’t even last a year. In the due process she figured out that she had a very different personality from Kenny’s thus ending their relationship.

According to Cindy, Kenny was not fit and ready to settle and she adds that men like him are always only good for photo moments and showing off in public but not house husband material.

Cindy also added how she was mentally maturer than Kenny as she noted that mentally, women are always at least 5, 6, or sometimes 10 years maturer than men.

She made the statements while refuting the claims that stressed how she was older than Kenny during their short lived love life.

Basically Kenny was a year older than me so in a way, mentally I was way older than him because as women, our brains are always at least 5,6, or sometimes 10 years older than men. So such men like Kenny are only good for showing off in public because they are cute but are not always developmental when it comes to family matters not that they are dense but always not ready upstairs.

Cindy Sanyu

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