I’m a threat to every musician in the country – David Lutalo brags

Singer David Lutalo has for the first time opened up on how he is a nightmare to every artist in the country.

The ‘Amelida’ singer disclosed how he is the cause of headache for almost each and every established artist in the +256 as he was responding to a question of why he didn’t feature on the famous annual Bebe Cool list of 2019 best performers.

In his response, he cheekily trolled fellow artists by revealing how he is a trendsetter and dangerous threat to all of them in the industry reasoning that he is at the top of the game.

He added that whenever artists hit the studios to record their songs, they first have to think about his supremacy in the music industry.

Singer David Lutalo: I'm a threat to every musician.#NBSUnCut #NBSUpdates

Posted by NBS Television on Friday, January 17, 2020

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