It’s mid-January already, the month after a great festive season and I thought, why not take up the risk and try to predict some of the fashion trends that I think will still be embraced in 2020. Here are those trends;


The new footwear right about now. Sneakers have outgrown the era of only being put together with a pair of jeans or shorts and have been changed to being put along with suits to pull off a simple casual look for both the ladies and gents. Get yourself a pair in 2020 (wink).

Rwandan fashion designer Moses wears Alexander Mc Quin sneakers

Loafers made a statement last year but can surely also make the same statement this year-round. This year we should watch the space for Loafers of all sorts such as chunky soles, sleek and classic styles.

Ahumuza Brian of Abryanz Collections rocks white loafers

Thanks to vintage wear last year we came across shirts such as unisex vintage and flora shirts, dresses, as well as the invasion of stripes etc. That was highly welcomed by fashionistas and has also been a trend, and will continue to be the trend this year.

The stripes outfits or wear plus a bit of polka dots seems to make a comeback this year too.


Leather outfits such as dresses, jackets, trousers etc. These were seen last year from global fashion personalities like Bella Hadid to the Kampala Fashion week (Kaijuka Abbas’ collection) to artistes like Fik Fameica. Leather might make rounds this year still.

Fik Fameica in leather outfit at the ASFAs 2019

A mixture of modern clothes with African fabric, using African fabric as an accessory such as the scarf, necklace, throw-on etc. We are to see more of that this year.

Media Personality Faridah Nakazibwe in African fabric

Very easy to predict? I know (Laughs), not easy as you think. Sunglasses such as 90’s Small Skinny sunglasses, Over-sized sunglasses, Revamped Aviator sunglasses, Big Cat, Cool Flat sunglasses, etc. might still make an appearance this year.


I will be this smart enough to predict more work from the people with in the creative industry. This year I predict more creative concepts and collaborations among the people within the fashion and style industry.

Emolsam DNA. MakeUp by Olga. (Tazibone Solomon, Fred Bugembe creation)

If none of these don’t appear as said on here, forgive me, but if one or two comes true, I will be as happy as the fashionistas that slayed them out. Good Luck to me.

Thank you! Till Next Time…

(Compiled with the help of Kitahgwe: Entertainment & Fashion Lover)

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Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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