On Saturday 11th January 2020, Edwin Katamba a.k.a MC Kats checked into Butabika Mental Hospital Rehabilitation Center with the help of close friends who revealed he was to stay there for a week.

In a video recorded on that same morning, MC Kats was overheard saying he wouldn’t even last three days after one of the officials at the rehab center deprived him of his beer bottle. Nonetheless, Kats decided to stay and see if it would have a change on his life.

To everyone’s shock however, on Friday, a video of MC Kats climbing on top of the roof at the rehab center went viral and rumors started circulating of how he wanted to end his own life.

Others claimed that the video showed guards at the facility trying to stop him from jumping over the fence as he tried to escape.

In another video accessed by this website, MC Kats reveals that he indeed escaped from the rehabilitation center because of the reasons below;

  • Poor feeding. He reveals that since checking into rehab, he has been feeding on posho, rice, and beans.
  • The ARVs he was given in London were deprived and he was being treated with those from Mulago Hospital.
  • Too many injections that only make him sleepy throughout the day.
  • He wasn’t allowed to see his family despite him severally pleading to let his children visit him. Fille was at the rehab facility for four times but was bounced without seeing her husband.
  • Holding him in rehab against his will like a mad man or prisoner. He blames his mother for wasting Shs3m in trying to put him in rehab.

MC Kats went public about his HIV/AIDS status in December 2019 and revealed how he has been living with the virus for several years. He now believes that some of his friends are using him as bait for money from a United Nations project handling people living with the virus.

He has now vowed not to take part in any other U.N -related activity. He also showed off the wounds he sustained while escaping from the rehabilitation center.

Listen to more of what he had to say below:

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