On leave NBS After5 show presenter Edwin Katamba alias MC Kats has publicly requested whoever can come to his rescue to help him completely quit smoking to chip in as quickly as possible.

Through a video clip shared on social media, MC Kats explains that he is fed up of using nicotine gum as he reasons that it makes his gums ache. He goes on to beg for nicotine patch as he finds it more suitable for his cure.

In the same video MC Kats also calls upon his friends in the diaspora to provide him with packs of nicotine patch from overseas because at home it is quite expensive.

He furthermore noted that the nicotine patch helped him a lot while in rehab and he could spend a day without smoking.

I have a problem, I want to quit smoking completely. However, I don’t want nicotine gum cause it makes my teeth gums pain. But if I can get some packs of nicotine patch they will be of great help to me. I used them in rehab and I could go at least a day without smoking

MC Kats

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